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Davide Luzi, born in 1980, is an Italian bassist, beatmaker and producer. His project ‘Luzee’ took shape by the union of electronics and organic sampling. He started playing the bass in several blues, jazz and rock bands in Bologna. At the same time he became fascinated by the art of sampling thanks to Hip Hop / Rap. Starting a new artistic path as a beatmaker, Luzee approached more electronic sounds, sampling not only from album, but also from objects and environmental situations around him. In 2017 he published his first work Waterdrops (Miraloop Spades), followed in 2019 by a collection of beats called The Loop Room and Seed in 2021 for the label Totally Imported. Luzee started to collaborate with Giulio Campaniello (aka Subconscio) with whom he released two singles, “Around You” and “Shine” (Miraloop) and an EL Il Mondo Invisibile released in 2022. Cutting is the title of Luzee’s new album to be released in 2022 via Beat's Tailors.



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